Our value to you


The carbon credit market is estimated to be worth upwards of $100 billion by 2030. Our planet needs sustainable action, and our innovative platform enables it.

$100B by 2030

We deliver certainty and reliability to you on your crucial journey to net zero. Our ground-breaking technology provides the precision, trust and efficiency that allows corporate leaders to plan their strategy and report to markets with confidence.


We reward you for regenerating your land. Our patented precision-measurement technology means farmers receive higher carbon credit prices and more regular returns from carbon farming.

A breakthrough climate change solution.

What sets us apart.

For the first time in history a fast, precise and cost-effective platform to measure sequestered carbon is viable. Our accurate measurements provide a chain of custody that turns soil carbon into global currency. It’s a process that goes from farm to financial markets. And every step of the way, we assure the most efficient, and independent analysis. We bring an unmatched level of innovation that will take farmers, corporations and investors further than they’ve ever been.

The proof is in our process.

Trust unmatched efficiency and innovation.

Through partnerships with global industry leaders, we use technology to innovate the carbon sequestration process, both in the field and digitally.

Our precision patented measurement technology has been extensively tested and proven over more than seven years of trials and independent review. We connect this technology with advanced software to deliver an accurate, transparent and audited carbon removal solution that meets the objectives of ISO certification standards, the global benchmark for carbon removal programs.

This process enables the transition to sustainable farming to take place, allowing us the measurement of sequestered carbon to generate carbon credits. These credits flow back up the pipeline to enable companies to transition to net zero. We benefit all parties involved, including our planet. Support the real impact we’re making.