Carbon Asset Solutions’ business is to aggregate three proprietary technologies with a unique go to market strategy to capture, certify and sell the under-priced commodity Carbon that is on the threshold of significant global demand increase.



CAS technologies are:

  • Patented agricultural equipment and processes that sequester soil carbon
  • Patented high speed soil carbon scanning and mapping technology
  • Blockchain asset management




The weighted average global price of Carbon Credits trebled over the past 3 years to US$23/Mt. A UN/World Bank sponsored organisation states prices need to be at in the range of US$40–80/Mt during 2020 and US$50–100/Mt by 2030 to deliver on the Paris Climate Agreement.



Demand for Carbon Credits is growing. In 2020 around 20% of global GHG emissions (11 billion MtCO2e) will be covered by carbon pricing systems. This is leaves well over 40 billion MtCO2e still needing to be offset.

It is estimated that $1.6-3.8 trillion in investment is needed to keep global warming to 1.5 degrees Celsius. Only $463 billion is currently deployed.